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And-so-to-bed recipe card


Please mummy, don’t make me drink this concoction of warm egg, milk and sugar.

Käsetorte recipe card


This looks delicious, but why the prostrate doll partially in shot? Is she stuck under the plate?

Igloo recipe card


The igloo is made of a sponge cake covered in meringue.  Are the snowmen meant to live in the igloo? Why does the snowman need an umbrella? That reindeer’s a bit small. Like the use of Smarties though. Very realistic.

Sailing boats recipe card


I think I might make these sometime, they’re purty!

Brown bears recipe card


Brown bears, brown bears, sitting in the rockery, why do you look so sad? Is it because you’re made of faux ice-cream and have licorice shoe laces for mouths? Or is it something more? Do tell us, brown bears. Perhaps we can help?

Iced queen cakes recipe card


Not much to say about this one, but I do love the stern expression on the doll’s face as it stares the cakes down.

Pineapple in jelly recipe card


Are those dolls drunk?

Dutch macaroons recipe card


Presentation is crucial when it comes to biscuits. Macaroons, for example, are best served with a china windmill, or failing that, inside a china clog. If you don’t have either you may as well not bother. Why Dutch though, anyway?

Harriet hedgehog recipe card

harriethedgehodgeGood old Harriet and her squished face. She looks so sad here.

Cucumber boats recipe card


These don’t seem too bad until you read the ingredients and realise the boats are stuffed with a mayo, sardine and egg mix. The sails are made of cucumber skin.