Pommes de Terre Menagere (Fried mashed potatoes with chives)

This is a terrible thing to admit but I swiped my mother’s copy of ‘Ma Cuisine’ by Auguste Escoffier at least 6 years ago and have never cooked anything from it. I have protected it from 4 house moves and a flood. I have kept it proudly in several very small kitchens (just look at that cover!) however the gelees, pates moules and rognures went  untested.

Today this will change, just about. I have chosen a dish from the vegetable section which is barely a recipe at all, more a slightly more complex way of doing something I already do. The copy I have is Vyvyan Holland’s original 1934 translation, (published byPaul Hamlyn) –  I love the blunt style as well as the assumption of some culinary knowledge.

Pommes de Terre Menagere (Fried mashed potatoes with chives)Ma Cuisine - cover

2lb. large potatoes
3 tablespoons chopped chives
3 – 4 tablespoons boiling milk
Butter, oil or lard for frying

Cook the potatoes in salted water, then drain thoroughly and mash with a fork. Add seasoning, chives and boiling milk and mix thoroughly. Shape into small balls the size of an egg, then flatten slightly into small cakes. Coat with flour and fry on both sides.

Note 1 beaten egg may be added with the milk


  • Obviously I didn’t cook 2 lbs of potatoes
  • I served these with steamed kale and some grated cheese. (Mmmm, bits from the fridge!)
  • Nice to have a choice of fat for cooking  and it’s true that solid fat is unnecessary for cooking potato cakes – I chose olive oil.


potato-cake-2Well, they’re potato cakes with all the deliciousness and limitation that that implies. They’re richer and fluffier than the kind I normally make. The amount of chive gives a lovely additional tangy note. Everyone knows you should put chives in fish cakes –  I say, who needs the fish?

Cobbled together by Elly

5 responses to “Pommes de Terre Menagere (Fried mashed potatoes with chives)

  1. I made these! Yum yum. Potatoes fried. I suspect the addition of some CHEESE would make them even better. Can you do more receeeps for my pound-a-day budget please?

  2. I bought ‘Cheap Chow – Chinese Cooking on next to nothing’ today, so you may be in luck, how does some ‘Chinese orange rice-gruel’ sound to you? Or Pig’s Trotters in Aspic perhaps? Or would you prefer ‘meat wool’?

  3. Breadcrumb omelette, bacon pancake, schinkern fleckerl – all these things are on my list.

  4. Meat wool is a definite thumbs up. Is it the same as pork floss?
    What’s a schinkern fleckerl when it’s at home?

  5. Like spaghetti fritatta but Danish and baked.