Salade des Haricots Verts (French Bean Salad)

I decided to make this salad from Escoffier (Paul Hamlyn, 1934) as an accompaniment to a second lamb steak.  It is simply too cold and wet out for a leafy green salad.

Salade des Haricot Verts (French Bean Salad)

Cook the beans in salted water, rinse is cold water, then dry in a cloth.

Rub the bottom of the salad bowl with garlic, add salt, freshly ground pepper, a little vinegar and 3 times the amount of olive oil. Mix all well together and put in the beans. Thinly sliced tomatoes and fillets of anchovy are sometimes added to this salad. [Not if I’m making it.]

In Provence they sometimes make a salad of French beans, potatoes and vegetable marrow, all cooked in salted water and seasoned as above.


  • I decided to make the provencale variation at the bottom of the recipe.
  • I only learnt about rubbing the bottom of bowls with garlic when I had this –I am ashamed! (In my defence, I usually only dress salads with lemon juice, yoghurt or a combination of the two.)
  • I used red wine vinegar. This didn’t seem quite right but it was that or cider vinegar or rice vinegar.
  • I used courgette instead of vegetable marrow.

salade des haricots vert


A delicious and easy salad – I boiled the potatoes for 8 minutes, then added the beans and brought to the boil, then added the courgette and brought to the boil again, then drained the lot. The salad went really well with the lamb (which was marinated with garlic and rosemary for an hour before cooking) – the mix of vinegar with the rich flavour of the lamb was especially good.

Cooked by Elly


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  1. This looks terrif. I, too, did not know about rubbing salad bowl with garlic. Crazy horses. Unfortunately they don’t seem to sell French beans here.