Not a recipe, just admin

Evening everyone. I’ve been making the most of my hangover today by fiddling around with the blog a bit. I’ve added/ altered the following things:

  • There’s now a rudimentary index page listing all recipes alphabetically. I’d love to have an index page that was actually searchable, and a little less static, but I don’t know how to make one. Does anyone know?
  • I’ve added a few more the list of blogs we read
  • We’ve now got two, yes, two Flickr pools – firstly the existing Vintage Cookbook Trials Pool where anyone can contribute images from, and of vintage cookbooks, and the newly created Vintage Cookbook Trials Gallery, which is where myself, Elly and Sarah (and any future contributors) can upload photos from the recipes we make. This group is only open to us three, but everyone is free to look at the various catastrophes we upload.  Often when I’m cooking I take more than one photo of the process, but usually I only want to use one image on a blog post, so this pool is where I will put extra photos.
  • Still with Flickr I’ve added some links to vintage cookery related pools set up by other people (see sidebar).

Ok! That’s the lot.  Comments, thoughts and suggestions on these changes all very welcome.


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