Prawn and Bacon Quiche

This is from 500 Recipes for Electric Mixers and Blenders by Marguerite Patten (Hamlyn, 1972).There are loads of 500 Recipes… books around – they’re large, flimsy things, usually with yellowing pages, and quite a low budget look to them. I have this one, and a casseroles and stews one, which promises a lot and delivers little. But, on to the recipe. I like prawns, I like bacon, and I like quiche. So how did this recipe go so horribly wrong?

Prawn & Bacon Quiche

8oz shortcrust pastry

2 rashers bacon

2 eggs

about 12 tablespoons hot milk


4oz prawns

1 Roll out the pastry and line an 8-inch flan ring on an upturned baking tray (this makes it easier to remove) or a sandwich tin

2 Bake ‘blind’ in a hot oven (425-450F, Gas Mark 6-7) for about 15 minutes until the pastry is set and beginning to get slightly golden

3 Meanwhile fry the bacon – cut into pieces

4 Put the bacon, the eggs, hot milk and seasoning into the blender goblet, switch on until the bacon is finely chopped, then season

5 Put the prawns into the half-baked pastry case, add the bacon mixture

6 Return to the centre of the oven lowering the heat to moderate and cook until set

7 Serve hot or cold


plaice 040


  • I used ready mixed pastry mixed. Not the ready to roll stuff, but the mix with water stuff. This produced a very dull pastry
  • I over fried the bacon. It was crispy. It needed to be a little softer
  • Point 4 is ambiguous re seasoning. At what point am I seasoning?!
  • I used cooked prawns, and am now thinking uncooked would end up nicer, less chewy
  • I think I used too big a flan dish – the quiche was very thin, chewy and well, boring at best

Overall – a fail. I think even if I’d got the pastry, bacon and prawns right it wouldn’t have been all that.

Slowly digested by Alix

5 responses to “Prawn and Bacon Quiche

  1. It looks really nice from the photo – but the prawns are a no-no for me. Also, I too love crispy bacon so much, I often overcook when I’m frying it to go into things.

  2. There’s something about “12 tablespoons of hot milk” that gives me the shudders.

  3. Oh yeah! Also what’s with measuring it in tablespoons? It’s about half a glass of milk, what would be so wrong with using millimetres? Pints even. I got milk all over the hob Patten’s way.

  4. Seasoning unspecified in the ingredients, not a pinch of herbs or spice, just lots of dull protein, plain pastry, and presumably salt and pepper. Ms Patten must have dashed off this book in a hurry, leaping on the appliances’ recipe books band-wagon.

  5. Prawn and bacon together? Erm, no.