Canapes and Twitter

This  Saturday the Vintage Cook Book Trials is having our first ever Vintage Canape and Cocktail Party. Guests have been invited, recipe books have been consulted, cocktails have been thoroughly researched and now, in a possibly inadvisable move, those of you not in attendance can keep up with proceedings on our new Twitter account. We shall be twittering canape updates throughout the event (until we collapse under a mountain of vol-au-vents, that is).

Follow us here for thrilling updates, including the part where I, Alix, try a cocktail called Sherry and Egg. This is happening, people!

2 responses to “Canapes and Twitter

  1. You’d have fitted right in. I puked a raw egg into my bathtub, mixed with sherry!

    Next time we’ll set up a videolink to your hemisphere.