Salade Alice

Another recipe I have been waiting for an excuse to make and which I hoped might provide a some variety to the selection at our party, as it’s base ingredients weren’t butter, cheese or white flour.

I feel, however, that Escoffier is probably spinning in his grave. This comes from the Salade Composées (Compound Salads) section of Ma Cuisine (Paul Hamlyn, 1934).

Salade Alice (Alice Salad)

Medium-sized red dessert apples, lemon juice, apple balls, cut with a very small vegetable ball cutter, redcurrants, almonds or walnuts, salt, cream, lettuce

Cut a slice from the stalk end of the apple and remove as much of the fruit as possible. Rub the inside of the apple case with lemon juice to prevent it from discolouring. Mix the apple balls, redcurrants and chopped nuts. Sprinkle with salt and lemon juice and bind with the cream. Fill the apple cases, replace the lids and serve on hearts of lettuce, cut into halves or quarters.


  • To make a bite-sized version (actually more like 2 bites), I cut the apples into quarters and then halved those to make triangular scoops to hold the filling.
  • I don’t own a vegetable ball cutter of any size, so I just chopped the apple into small pieces.
  • I didn’t use much cream or salt.
  • I used Pink Lady apples.
  • As walnuts are fairly unpopular, I used raw, finely chopped almonds.
  • I used frozen red currants, picked out of a pack of mixed frozen berries.
  • I omitted the lettuce.

Salade Alice


The balance of flavours was delightful, although I would only want to eat the whole apple as suggested, if it was a small one, such as a Discovery. I think the lettuce would be nice if walnuts were used and will definitely make these again.

Compounded  by Elly

3 responses to “Salade Alice

  1. I think I didn’t get about to trying these. I have to say I’m not a huge fan of apples, so mightn’t have liked them, though they did look ace.

  2. Maybe I shouldn’t feel too bad, I’ve just found another version with the apple stuffed with bananas, creme fraiche and celery. Not OK.

  3. These were delicious…and an excellent foil to the amount of cheese and butter on the table!