Shropshire Eggs

Rather wonderfully I now have a scanner, so shall be scanning in recipes rather than typing out the darn things. I can’t start to tell you how happy this makes me! Plus it might be nice for you, our faithful readers to see what the recipes look like.   This recipe comes from Cooking in a Bedsitter by Katharine Whitehorn, part of the Penguin cookery series, published in 1961, though my edition is from 1978.


I’ve become a little obsessed with egg dishes that claim to be from some region – Scotch, Welsh, and now Shropshire (anyone got any other suggestions in this vein? I’ve also made a selection of experimental eggs for Freaky Trigger’s Annual Food Science Day). What Shropshire has to do with curry powder isn’t clear, and I’ve not been able to find any other references to Shropshire Eggs anywhere (Katharine Whitehorn is still about, perhaps I should ask her what the connection is?)

It was a really easy recipe to follow – much like the Welsh Eggs, and mindful of the way the mashed potato for those was a bit on the messy and squidgy side tried to use a little less potato when shaping these. As usual deep-frying gave me the fear – not only is it massively unhealthy but what if it all catches fire! I had a supply of damp tea-towels at hand (I didn’t really, but there are both tea-towels and a sink in my kitchen, and I flatter myself to think I would keep my head long enough to somehow combine the two into a firefighting device should the occasion arise).

The resulting Eggs



Tasting notes

Boooring! This was so bland I could hardly bother to eat a whole one.  The egg was perfect, and yellowed attractively with the curry powder but the potato/ curry powder coating barely tasted of anything.  The breadcrumbs were better this time though – instead of Paxo crumbs I got some nicer ( the main improvement is that they look less radioactive) crumbs from my local Turkish supermarket.

One response to “Shropshire Eggs

  1. Doesn’t sound that tasty but good on you for trying it – cheese and leek in the potato might make it better?