Beef Cornets

These were made for the canape party, and boy did they go down like a, well, lead balloon. The recipe is from Good Housekeeping’s  Cookery Book (1955), and the recipe is brief and offers no clues as to quantities of ingredients. Thanks for that.


I could only afford those cheap squares of beef that you get in packets, so had to improvise a little – I origamied the beef squares into a sort of triangle and rolled them neatly (yeah right) into a cone, before securing them with a cocktail stick.  The delicious filling was approximately 50% whipped cream and 50% horseradish. I used horseradish sauce, being unable to find actual horseradish.

The Cornets

beef cornetPhoto courtesy of Marianna

Tasting notes

Although I ate two of these I enjoyed neither, and most of them were still uneaten come the day after the party (and were binned). There was something entirely disconcerting about the whipped cream/ beef combo, and I had, perhaps overdone the horseradish a little. It did say to flavour it strongly, and I wanted to mask the taste of the cream…


3 responses to “Beef Cornets

  1. There’s some crazy-4ss colouring going on on that photo! I can confirm that the beef slices weren’t actually bright aubergine violet 🙂

    Rob’s picture BEFORE:
    Beef Cornets

    My picture AFTER (the curled, oozing horror horror):
    oh god, THESE are the morning after beef cornets. VILE

  2. Perhaps smaller ones would have worked better, more bite-sized?

  3. These were not good. I think they were the only thing at the party I didn’t devour greedily…