Cheese and Tomato Savouries

moderncookery2These were my contribution to our Canape party’s ‘Guess The Cheesy Decade’ competition, where 3 canapes were made, from various decades and guests were asked to, well, guess the decade. I can’t remember what the consensus was on when this recipe was from, but I don’t think anyone got it right. The recipe is from Modern Cookery Illustrated by Lydia Chatterton (Odham’s Press Ltd), and my edition is a 1947 reprint.



  • I made 3 times this amount, yielding 12 savouries.
  • Not being sure what patty tins are, never mind actually having any in my kitchen, I used fairycake papers instead.

Rather unfortunately I appear to not have a photo of these. However, if you can imagine irregularly formed splodges of cheese and tomato on rounds of toast you’re pretty much there. They tasted a little like vomit – the parmesan didn’t work well here, and the overall effect was not great. I wouldn’t make these again.

To make up for the lack of photos of these savouries, here’s some scans from the source book:




One response to “Cheese and Tomato Savouries

  1. Patty tins are tiny pie tins. You can still buy metal ones, but (obviously) they mostly found made of foil, cradling Mr K******’s Individual Bakewell Tarts and the like.

    The woman in the final illustration has very long arms – is that why she’s smiling so much?