Macaroni burgers

I don’t know what possessed me to look in Beverly Pepper’s Potluck Cookery (Faber and Faber, 1955) for a secondary use for pasta and cheese sauce, but I’m glad I did.

macaroni burgers recipe


  • I made exactly the amount stated, for a change.
  • This combined with some veg, was enough for 9 1 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch burgers.
  • I used black olives, as I didn’t have any pimento ones.
  • I used brown bread crumbs, so as per, there’s no ‘golden’, there’s just brown and darker brown.
  • I only managed one layer of egg and breadcrumb because after that point, everything is a sticky mess.


Firstly,  God bless Beverly Pepper for delivering us from bland food – I felt these were over-seasoned. Perhaps green olives or a little spinach (or other finely chopped green veg) would have been an improvement. The olives and parsley really cut the richness of the flavour, although I was unable to finish the portion of four.  (The rest I froze, I will update this when I cook them to see how they fare after a month or so in the freezer.)

I must confess, I felt a little dirty making this. It’s quite step from the spaghetti frittata which normally uses up any leftover pasta I have. Thank the Lord for the internet and a discussion board which drew my attention to this. In comparison, my efforts are positively spartan.

Macaroni’d by Elly

Update: No damage done in the freezing process.

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