Langue de chat (cat’s tongue biscuits)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person presented with a bowlful of ridiculous chocolate pudding must be in want of a tiny,  crispy biscuit. And so it was on the 23rd of September, when I cobbled together a chocolate and rum Bavarian cream (I had planned to flavour it with praline but I felt that the custard base alone was incredibly sweet). This was also from Ann Seranne, (1952, Faber and Faber for the Cookery Book Club) but won’t be blogged due to rampant deviation from the recipe.

Langue au chat recipe


  • As (at the time of baking) I only had a small-nozzled piping bag, I piped 1 inch long biscuits, that were approximately half the diameter of a pencil. This resulted in biscuits of 1 1/2 inches long and about half an inch wide.
  • They needed more than 4 minutes, more like 8, maybe my oven was too cold. (As you can see, some ended up rather better cooked than others.)


langues de chat

Although far from uniform in appearance, I was happy with these, especially the texture.

Gentle reader, be warned. These must be piped and the egg white must be added a little at a time.

Buoyed up by my success on Wednesday, (I say ‘success’,  I served them up to the refined palates of A.M, A.R and my sister and they finished them), I decided to have a second go on Saturday, planning to make circular ones and drizzle some chocolate on top. Disaster. This time, the whites of 2 medium eggs was far too much. The biscuits (not piped) were too full of air (and egg – the biscuits should hold their shape once piped) and they bubbled and stuck and were generally stupid. I had to attend an afternoon social function empty-handed – oh, the shame. (Although our charming hostess had rustled up two kinds of cupcakes –    so no one went unsweetened.)

Catted by Elly


5 responses to “Langue de chat (cat’s tongue biscuits)

  1. Oh, is that what those sort of biscuits are called? They’re yummy! Only I don’t have a piping bag at all. Hmm, excuse to go shopping 🙂

  2. Do it!

    *Puts mum hat on*

    Find a decent quality one though – cheap ones inevitably burst and then you have streams of raw biscuit batter/ chocolate icing/etc flying all over your kitchen.

  3. Sounds kinda fun 🙂

  4. I bought an icing syringe last week…I couldn’t get an icing bag for love nor money, but I’m not quite sure how it will work…

  5. Jocelyn Taylor

    I’ve seen these biscuits before but never knew what the proper name was. They are a nice treat.