Stuffed Eggs


This was Pamela‘s contribution to the Canape Party – over to her:

Stuffed eggs, from Diets For Health, by Marguerite Patten, 1964


“Hard boiled eggs can be stuffed in a variety of ways . . . Take out the yolks, mash and mayonnaise,  or margarine and seasoning, then add one of the following:

1 Grated or cream cheese

2 Curry powder and chutney

3 Chopped nuts and parsley

To give additional food value, a spoonful of rolled oats which have been soaked in milk can be mixed with any of the above filling. Pile or pipe into the egg white cases and sprinkle cayenne on top.”

This dish is from a book by Marguerite Patten that provides recipes for people on special diets: slimmers, invalids, diabetics, etc. This is from the chapter for vegetarians. I am a vegetarian. Marguerite is very concerned about my protein intake.
I decided to make two kinds of stuffed egg: cheesy ones (using grated mature cheddar), and curry ones (using madras curry powder and mango chutney). I was bit alarmed by the addition of chutney in the curried eggs. Not as much as I was by the idea of stirring in oats soaked in milk (cold porridge?) for “additional food value”.
This is a very easy recipe to put together, although it can get messy with fat fingers such as mine, and I ended up with extra stuffing. Perhaps the surplus could be spread on crackers to make another canape? Waste not, want not. That’s what Marguerite Patten is all about, isn’t it?
This might have looked neater if I had piped the stuffing into the eggs. However, I didn’t have a piping bag so I used a plastic bag with a hole cut in it. Somehow I managed to make two holes in one bag and that led to a whole heap of mess. Also, of course, the chunks of mango in the chutney caused bottlenecks. With explosive consequences.
The presentation was much improved by a few tactical sprigs of parsley to hide the worst messes and brighten up the essentially mucky-yellow colour of the dish.
Still, it tasted quite nice, and you couldn’t really notice the oaty bits at all. I hope all that “additional food value” did us good.
Half a boiled egg, stuffed, is quite a hefty canape. So if your guests have hearty appetites, and you love the smell of boiled eggs, dig in.

(And now back to me for the photos)

Here’s what the picture in the book looks like:


and here’s what the eggs at the party looked like:


I thought these were delicious – the filling was lovely. Much more appetising than the photo in the book!



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  1. The cheesy ones were lovely…I think I was greedy and had 2…