Apple and Raisin Sandwich

I set myself the tiny challenge of, instead of having nuked leftovers for work lunches, crafting a sandwich as per the specifications of one of my recipe books for 1 working week. All three sandwich recipes are from Florence Greenberg’s Jewish Cookery Book (Jewish Chronicle Publications, 1947) (For various reasons, this project was abandoned after 3 days. I really am an almighty flake.)
Sweet Fillings

Raisins finely chopped and mixed with an equal quantity of grated apple. Flavour with cinnamon.


apple and raisin sandwich

This tasted exactly like fruit bread.  Now, I love fruit bread, but I almost never make it because I almost never want to spend a week eating no bread but fruit bread (although I guess one could make it, slice it up and freeze it). Now this problem is utterly solved, along with adding some extra fresh stuff to the diet. Recommended whole-heartedly.

Sandwiched by Elly


4 responses to “Apple and Raisin Sandwich

  1. This suggestion of instant fruit bread has just made my life instantly better…yum!

  2. Does she have a rcipe for ‘haroseth’ (or some such spelling) for Passover? This filling sounds similar.

  3. ‘Charoseth’ is the first recipe in the Passover chapter! Finely chopped apple, mixed with raisins, almonds and cinnamon, either made into a block or rolled into small balls and then covered in nuts. Sounds good.

  4. T’anks. It’s meant to symbolise the sweet side of Life.