Coffee Marshmallow Spread

I cannot explain what kind of curiosity overtook me  when I decided to try this method from the Creams and Fillings section of the Good Housekeeping Cooking Compendium, volume 3: Picture Cake Making (Waverly, 1955).

Coffee Marshmallow Spread recipe


  • The recipe doesn’t state how long it will take to achieve the desired consistency and while all eggs are different, it would have been nice to have an indication that atleast 25 minutes of whisking is necessary. The mixture went from  runny and foamy to glossy and shiny, only after a concerted effort.
  • I had a couple of sponge fingers leftover from this and decided to ice them.
  • The amount stated in the recipe makes just over a pint. No, really.


Coffee Marshmallow Spread

Absolutely insanely sweet. Too sweet even for me – I quite enjoyed the biscuits I iced but,  I’m ashamed to say,  ditched the rest as tooth-aching.  This icing/frosting/filling does not harden and while the texture is delightful, I think it would be better flavoured with something like lemon zest, or perhaps used as the basis for a pudding, a sortof coward’s soufflé.

Marshmallowed by Elly



6 responses to “Coffee Marshmallow Spread

  1. Sounds like a coffee-flavored Swiss meringue. But what is golden syrup? By the way, this is a cool blog idea, I might add you to my blogroll :).

  2. Yes, I thought that too, once I’d made it!

    Golden syrup is thick, golden-coloured syrup made from cane sugar. I’ve heard it’s similar to light corn syrup, in the US.

  3. It looks rather fab, and a pint is an impressive amount of ridiculously-sweet icing from only one spoon of syrup! I think you’re right that other flavours might be in order though.

    Hmm, I wonder what I can ice?

    Double hmm, I suspect I shouldn’t even think about trying this with *duck* eggs 🙂

  4. I hear what you say about the sweetness, but then I look at the glossy gorgeousness of those biscuits and my mouth waters, and I have to try them…

  5. Ah, thanks. It does look beautiful – I bet it could be made with less syrup, too.

  6. Maybe it could be used to fill a cake, lessening the toothache factor. The cake could be frosted with something different, too.