Haricot Bean Sandwich

Second sandwich of the week. Although aware of the popularity of ‘white bean dip‘ in the US, I was unsure how to how this recipe would turn out, mostly because I was using tinned beans which can sometimes have a tinny taste which requires a ton of garlic to get rid of it. Also from Florence Greenberg’s Jewish Cookery Book (Jewish Chronicle Publications, 1947).

Bean Filling

Mash some cooked haricot beans to a paste with a little butter or margarine, season with salt and pepper and flavour with any kind of savoury sauce or vegetable extract. Add a little chopped parsley, chopped watercress or powdered sage.


  • I chose wholemeal baguette to have with this to minimise the risk of a heavy, damp sandwich.  (I only actually used half the baguette, but the whole thing makes a better photo.)
  • Fairly sure ‘vegetable extract’ means  Marmite and used a quarter of a teaspoon of that. Perhaps a reader could shed some light on this product?
  • I considered Worcerstershire Sauce but was feeling sensitive in the morning and didn’t fancy opening the bottle.
  • I used parsley as recommended and about 200g beans.


haricot bean and parsley sandwich filling

Delicious. Crunchy bread is definitely the way to go here – I finished it for dinner the following day, using it as pitta bread stuffing.  The seasoning blended perfectly (and no, it did not taste like Marmite).

Sandwiched by Elly


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  1. So, I can’t help asking myself how it is I have never “bumped” into your blog before. Absolutely delightful! what a unique way to explore vintage cookbooks and recipes. I know we’ve only just “met,” but I MUST add your link to my blog. I don’t have time to stop for tea at the moment, however, I will return when time allows. Thank you so much for sharing…

  2. Thanks for swinging by! Hopefully you will find something to your taste here when you have more time to explore.

  3. I’ve added you to my google reader – enjoying your Dracula post currently!

  4. Thanks Alix! Enjoy your journey to Dracula’s castle…