Rårakor med Gråslök

scandanavianThis recipe is from a 1969 Time Life series of books ‘Foods of the World’, of which I have The Cooking of Scandinavia. It’s a sophisticated work, and doesn’t shrink from challenging recipes and obscure ingredients. I like this approach, rather than the approach sometimes  encountered with books on foreign cuisine where the author excludes recipes when they think that the ingredients will be hard to find. In English the dish is translated to ‘Lacy Potato Pancakes with Chives’.



So this is basically grated potato with chives in, fried. Is this a rosti?  It was really really tasty, and I ate it with some fried eggs for breakfast this morning. The only comment I have is that it would have benefited from more chives. Always, these vintage recipes let me down with their timid seasoning!

The ‘pancakes’ looked like this:


Conclusion – perfect weekend breakfast food.

5 responses to “Rårakor med Gråslök

  1. I miss my Time Life books. They are in PA while I’m in New York. I had the entire library of The Good Cook books also but alas, I sent them to my daughter in Idaho.

    Oh boy, I can see I am going to enjoy my visits here those ‘Lacy Potato Pancakes with Chives’ are making me hungry and, I JUST ate:)

    Thanks for sharing…

  2. Hee hee. I must warn you – it’s not all delicious! I should know…

  3. Hee hee…I’ll consider myself “warned.”

  4. Those look delicious…and cheap! A win all round!

  5. I am scandinavian, and was raised on basic foods like these. I do like to add some extra spices also….but the base recipes are usually great starters. I made some swedish potato dumplings one year that were similar and they were fantastic…stuffed with bacon. They really didnt need too much extra spicing with the bacon inside though!!