Pineapple in jelly recipe card


Are those dolls drunk?

7 responses to “Pineapple in jelly recipe card

  1. I’m confused by this – I thought there was an enzyme in pineapple which prevented gelatin from setting.

  2. Right, I’m petitioning to see a scan of the other side of the card!

  3. Elly, I thought the same thing. The last packet of jelly I bought actually mentioned this about pineapple and papaya…

    I am now scared by this dish.

  4. No problem, though you’ll have to wait til I’m done moving house!

  5. The recipe uses tinned pineapple, which is cooked, and cooking destroys the enzyme. It’s only the wholesome fresh fruit that’ll sabotage your jelly plans. If you only have fresh pineapple or papaya for a gelatine dish, briefly cook it first.

  6. The oracle speaks and we are enlightened!

  7. I had those dolls! They were from a “Miss World” board game – you can see that the lucky winner has been celebrating, and her crown is askew!