Potato and Cheese Soup

Is it cold outside? Are you feeling cross from the cumulative effect of at least seven small things and it’s making your brain itch? Do you have a few edible bits in your kitchen but are too hungry to bake them all for an hour and a half as per most winter comfort dishes? Your problems are my problems, friend.

This recipe is from the Good Housekeeping Cookery Compendium, volume 1 (Waverly, 1955). I felt I should attempt a savoury dish from this book as so far I have only used it to make biscuits.

potato and cheese soup recipe


  • I made half the quantity state here, which started with 2 potatoes – 1 v large, 1 medium sized. I can’t remember what kind of potato I used, a kind with a thin red skin. Obviously, if you only have watery, flavourless potatoes at home, adjust seasoning accordingly.
  • A quart is 2 pints.
  • I used half a chicken stock cube, a shake of Worcestershire sauce, a bay leaf and lots of black pepper for the ‘stock’. Don’t, please, use water – that would lead to unspeakable blandness.
  • I have no idea if your supposed to leave the skin on the potatoes, I did because a) couldn’t be bothered to peel them b) I really like the flavour of potato skin and leave them on for lots of dishes.


potato and cheese soup

While this could be fancied up with whatever else you have around (paprika, bacon,  rosemary or a little caramelised onion all spring to mind) if you really love mashed potato, you’ll enjoy it just as it is. (I had it with a nice scone.)

Souped by Elly


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