Toffee Crisp Chicks

TOFFEE CRISP CHICKS (from ‘Novelty Cakes’, one of those Sainsburys related books they put out in the early 80s I think – photo will come).

125g creamy toffees
2 tbsps freshly squeezed orange juice
50g “rice pops”
1 tsp grated orange rind
50 g ready made yellow marzipan

1. place toffees and orange juice into a pan and heat gently, stirring occasionally, until toffee has melted. remove from heat, stir in rice pops and orange rind. leave to cool for 2 minutes.
2. using slightly wetted hands and working quickly, shape 15 tablespoonfuls full of the mixture into chick shape bodies with pointed tails, and fifteen teaspoonfuls into round heads with pointed beaks. press the heads onto the bodies as you work. set aside.
3. shape small pieces of marzipan into 15 pairs of wings and attach to the chicks. mould 15 small beaks and 30 eyes from the remaining marzipan and press into position. This is easier said than done


toffee crisp duckling
(photo by Alix)

– I suppose most would make these for a party. We made these because THEY WERE DUCKLINGS. I think ducklings, not chicks. Oh whatever. Small poultry-esque things. They would be absolutely AWESOME at a party though!! Why not have a party? Make the chicks and let us know!
– creamy toffees had to mean werthers originals, the best we could do in Dalston babytesco
– slightly wetted hands is just right! this structuring is faffy business – too wet is too wet, not wet all the mix sticks to your hands. this is GOOD because you can EAT IT from your hands (the toffee/orange/rice “pops” mix is DELICIOUS).
– we did buy an orange, but getting rind is such a FAFF so didn’t bother.
– by which you can gather than we used orange juice from a carton rather than freshly squeezing.
– No yellow marzipan (oh no not like YELLOW SNOW i hope) was available, we dyed some white stuff with yellow food colouring, well, I mostly dyed my hands if I am quite honest with you…
– No actual ‘Toffee Crisps’ were used/harmed/eaten as part of this experiment.


A PLUS WOULD QUACK AGAIN. Very fiddly though. It could be a Krypton Factor trial. Well perhaps not that hardcore. Maybe the Crystal Maze. Recommend getting your friend who used to decorate cakes to do it whilst you lick the toffees from your hand and ponder that whilst you don’t usually like toffees, this orange mix is pretty good.

How the flip do I classify these in tags? Who knows. It has taken me a month from writing this to actually pressing post because WordPress confuses my addled brain… it’s in ‘Novelty Cakes’ but I am hard pressed to define “rice pop cereal” with melted toffee as a ‘cake’….

One response to “Toffee Crisp Chicks

  1. Confectionery? Party food?

    How about going back a stage and simply forming the mixture into egg-shapes? Saves a lot of marzipanning around.