i hate to cook book peg brackenAnother one from beloved Peg. From a section entitled Last Minute Suppers: OR THIS IS THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE. According to dearest Peg, the recipes in this section are for those times when … there you are again at quarter to six, with your hat still on, staring at a pound of minced steak or a tin of tuna fish. Lady, if I were EVER home at 5.45, I would thank my lucky stars and be able to cook a flipping roast dinner! This is not the time I would classify as needing Last Minute Suppers! Anyway, I get her point – you can frequently find me getting home at 7.10pm and staring miserably into a fridge containing one bendy carrot and my cupboard containing a huge tub of custard and a tin of BRISLING…

And who can resist cooking with sherry? Not I! (An exception to the rule being the noble sherry egg)…


“Make patties from 1lb of seasoned minced beef. Brown them in a little butter in a strong pan, then put them in a baking dish. Mix and heat in the same pan:
1 tin condensed mushroom soup
1/4 cup of sherry
And pour it over the patties. Then bake them at 375 for 15 minutes”


whilst cooking it goes through a phase where it looks exactly like TRIPE! Fear not, it does shortly thicken into a nice creamy sauce within about three minutes and stopped my squeals of fear…
mushroom soup/sherry mix

Appetising so far isn’t it?

Let’s have a linguistic aside from wikipedia. Linguistically, the UK is notable (as with Japan) in that the term “burger” can refer simply to the patty, be it meat or vegetarian. So, if you are cooking a burger without the bun in, let’s say, one of our O.N.A.Nite territories, you would not call that a burger? I suspect it would just be a patty. I am afraid I will simply have to continue calling them burgers because patty sounds a bit too much like “panty”… (a term which seems far more acceptable to non-UK ears). Anyway, here’s a terrible picture of the finished dish… (LAST MINUTE, guys!)


Let’s see. What else to say. Well, as I was cooking for myself before dashing out for an afternoon appointment, I lessened the amounts: well, I used 2 ready formed burgers (patties!), half a tin of condensed mushroom soup, but the full 1/4 cup of sherry, because really, who can be bothered with 1/8th of a cup of sherry?

I think I would make the sherry/mushroom sauce again but it was WIERD eating it with a burger, so I’d pour it over CHOPS (thus cutting out the slightly annoying baking bit as you could do a chop through in the pan and save on WASHING UP. Seriously, one day I’m going to write a cookbook called ONE PAN: maximise taste and minimise the sodding washing up). The baking element in here could probably have been done without, providing your burgers weren’t too thick. The soup and sherry is just being heated, rather than requiring much ‘cooking’…

Peg says: now take your hat off. But given I was making this before dashing out, feel free to put your hat on, grab your keys, down the 1/4 cup of sherry you poured out for yourself in your Moomin mug and feel comfortably full. Whilst the use of condensed soup feels like such a cheat, it really IS quite satisfying that you didn’t have to faff about making e.g bechemel or whatever. Good old Peg.


5 responses to “Sherryburgers

  1. Okay, so I’m rolling on the floor. Not so much because of Peg’s recipe but more for your glorious commentary. Just the sort of “Sherry” I needed this morning…:) It’s all good…thanks for sharing…

  2. “Seriously, one day I’m going to write a cookbook called ONE PAN: maximise taste and minimise the sodding washing up”

    Hear hear. Want to collaborate?

  3. Sounds like a GREAT idea. I say bring back the chafing dish. Oh wait, I think it’s back!!! Collaborate? I’ll have to think on that…

  4. I’m sure a one-pot cookbook has already been done, but the format’s definitely due a revisit. It’s not just the pot the stuff is cooked in, it’s the bowls,
    grater and general kit needed for preparation.

    Fanny Craddock used to have a category – “worth getting fat for” (i.e. does the result merit the calorie intake?) I suggest dishes be rated – “worth the washing-up created”.

  5. Definitely been done a billion times – they are all cheats though as you use so much other stuff and frequently end up browning something in a pan, putting it to one side, browning something else, putting to one side, mixing something somewhere else etc etc so does not meet criteria.

    Will start a ‘worth washing up’-o-meter (maybe with a catchier name) for my next posts! Super idea, salada!