Chocolate Mousse

Was idly flipping through “beginner’s cookery” (Betty Falk, revised Penguin edition ’73, original ’64 – can any people tell me the appropriate citation when a publication has repeat editions? I should know this…), after a rough day at work and feeling like something simple… when I found… chocolate mousse! mousse?! no-one can make mousse at home! what is this doing in ‘beginner’s cookery’! How ridiculous! Yes, that’s what I thought too – but there’s only two essential ingredients and one optional one – and the optional one is BOOZE? And I do happen to have a bar of 70% Green and Blacks in the cupboard… how hard can it be!

I blame Terroirs. Terroirs is a wonderful wine bar near Charing Cross station with an extremely extensive wine list that I do not understand, a charcuterie selection and some extremely amazing anchovies, shaped into a an octopus. Incredible. I’ve had it twice. The salt… the salt. Anyway… for afters, they do a bitter chocolate pot, which is fantastic. I wanted to make something just like it. So how did that work out?

3oz good cooking chocolate (I used 70% G&B and this is about 3/4 a bar)
3 eggs (I used 2 large eggs – because I only had 2 eggs, for goodness sake)
1 tbsp RHUM (optional)

1. break chocolate into small bits. melt chocolate in a bain marie. (= a basin over a saucepan of boiling water. the original instructions say you can also use a double saucepan. I have never SEEN a double saucepan EVER in my LIFE and assume you haven’t either. I saw an American recipe book which called for a double BROILER. Even more ridiculous! I digress…)

2. Break the eggs into two bowls, separating whites from yolks.

3. whisk whites of egg stiffly. they should be still enough to hold any shape you push them into. (or use the traditional, yet scarier, bowl upside down over head test. fun!)

IMPORTANT #3b – if you want to add some RHUM, add it here!!

4. remove chocolate from heat and stir in yolks with wooden spoon

5. gently FOLD whites into chocolate mixture until it is well mixed.

6. pour into dishes and serve as cold as possible.



– the recipe doesn’t involve my extra 3b. hence my addition. grr! i hate recipes that do this.
– as i missed the rum, i decided to ‘pair’ the mousse with a mug of frangelico.
– a… mistake?
– i didn’t fold the egg whites in very well. they weren’t blending together, and it’s a small amount in a shallow pan so all quite difficult.
– lots of lumps of chocolate left. perhaps i didn’t melt it enough, or it started coalescing during the mixing. still delicious though – actually quite nice to have the airy bits and the chocolate lumpy bits together.
– chocolate mousse pictured with chocolate dogs (!) on the cover of ‘ami ami dogs’ by mitsuki hoshi ❤


dishes used: 1x pyrex bain marie, 1x bowl in which to mix egg whites, 2x ramekins for serving.
worth it? ABSOLUTELY! it’s not even washing up when you get to lick the bowl.
marks out of ten: 10/10!

I will absolutely be making this again – using a smaller dish and perhaps the pink spatula thingie and try this folding in in a more *~delicate~* manner and see if I can get it any lighter. I wonder what it would be like with G&B 85%. Oh my…


4 responses to “Chocolate Mousse

  1. I am so going to have to try this. At some point when I don’t already have shop-bought mousse in the fridge would make more sense though 🙂

  2. Eggs not cooked – therefore must be well within ‘use by’ date.
    This was a standard dish in egg-themed Home Economics lessons of yesteryear – quick, not much washing up and (almost) everyone likes chocolate.
    Other flavourings : grated orange zest, pinch of instant coffee, dash of vanilla essence, brandy – add at molten choc stage. Loadsa variations.

  3. I got mildy concerned when adding the yolks to the melted chocolate that the heat might start to scramble the eggs! But this fear was insane and unfounded 🙂

    I was planning to add a tbsp of Frangelico instead of the rum, but forgot as the sodding recipe didn’t REMIND me…

  4. Actually it occurs to me maybe I should make this anyway so as to properly compare with shop-bought version. I cunningly have 3 eggs left.