Yammy Turkey

Yes, I still had leftover turkey yesterday. I hadn’t cooked anything from Potluck Cookery (Beverly Pepper, Faber and Faber, 1955) for a while – but this American cousin of shepherd’s pie seemed the perfect thing. The author cunningly avoids interpretation issues by not specifying this as a casserole, bake, pie or hot dish.


  • I didn’t have any sweet potatoes so I used a mix of mashed potato and pumpkin, on the grounds that this would be both sweet and potato-y.
  • The asterisk in the recipe states that if one has no sherry, a little orange zest and hot orange juice can be used [or not].
  • After adding the turkey and thickened bouillon to the onions, I brought the mixture to the boil, to minimise any possibility of food poisoning.
  • The pineapple variation scares me.


It may not be a beautiful photo, but the dish itself was delighful. I ate it with some brocolli, which offset the sweetness of the topping. If you are even less keen on washing-up than me, you could make this a balanced one-pot dish by sweating  diced carrots or peppers with the onions, or adding finely chopped green veg  along with the turkey and gravy, before baking. (Any leftover bacon or sausage could also be included.)

Turkeyed by Elly


5 responses to “Yammy Turkey

  1. Possible recipe subtitle – What to do with Thanksgiving dinner left-overs.

  2. Interestingly, this was in Weekend yesterday:


    I think they might be watching you…

  3. Re response 2
    This scone-type topping on a savoury (or sweet) sauce-laden base is also known as a Cobbler. Good winter comfort food. The topping is easier to manage than pastry and is more nourishing (less fat, more protein). You might even ‘lose’ some grain mustard in the mixture.

  4. This book also has a recipe (method, really) for turkey with a (US) biscuit topping which is very similar to UK dumpling batter.

  5. It’s a great catch-all idea for using up ‘nutritious scraps’, and a change from soups that have the same function. The topping need not be as exotic as the Guardian’s recipe; a cheese/herb scone mix will suffice.