Mustard (reader request)

Today, the Vintage Cookbook Trials solves your culinary conundrums!  First, Kake has some wholegrain mustard which needs using up sharpish.

The Reader’s Digest Cookery Year (Katie Stewart, Margaret Coombes, Suzanne Wakelin, Reader’s Digest, 1976)

  • Blend 1tbs mustard with 4oz butter – Serve meat or fish.
  • Add 1tbs mustard, 1tbs wine vinegar and 1tsp sugar to white sauce made with 1.5 oz butter, 1oz flour and 3/4pint milk (i.e. enough for 4) – serve with crumbed, baked herrings.

[I think both of these would be great on steamed dark green veg – broccoli, kale.]

Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book (Penguin, 1976)

  • Add mustard to taste, to béchamel, velouté or mornay sauce. The sauce should not be allowed to boil after the mustard has been added. Serve on Swiss chard or cauliflower.
  • For ‘middle-aged’ carrots [Jane, I love you]: Slice and steam, place in heat-proof dish, top with  mustard sauce (see above) and breadcrumbs and (optional) a little grated cheese. Place under grill or in oven until golden.

Scandinavian Cooking – Beryl Frank (Evans Brothers, 1978)

  • Mix 3tbs sharp mustard, 1tsp dry mustard, 3tbs sugar, 1tbs light wine vinegar together in a bowl. Add 3tbs brine slowly and stir to a thick sauce. Serve on cured fish. [Or perhaps, roasted veg – roasted parsnip having been served as ‘mock lobster’, in the distant past, when frozen lobster wasn’t available in Lidl for a fiver.]

I think all of these would freeze acceptably, in portions  – although no promises!

Mustered by Elly

2 responses to “Mustard (reader request)

  1. Hurrah, thank you! I actually just acquired some rollmop herrings today, so I’ll give the Beryl Frank one a bash. I think I also have some middle-aged (yay) carrots lurking about somewhere!

  2. You’re welcome!

    (If you have time, I’d love to hear how it turns out.)