Strawberry cream slices recipe card


Ideal for father’s day? Don’t you mean Farthers Day?

9 responses to “Strawberry cream slices recipe card

  1. Where is the recipe?

  2. Recipe please

  3. Try flaky pastry, strawberries, whipped cream and icing sugar, and guess the method.

  4. So you think this is just puff pastry and whipped cream with dusting sugar? I thought it might be pastry cream in the center. OK I’ll give it a go.

  5. No promises! Just going by the picture, and what I’d do if the spirit moved me. Pastry cream or whipped – both would work.

  6. No one enjoys farting like a father, let’s face it.

  7. Again – where is the recipe. Nearly a year on from the January postings and no one has bothered.

  8. I’m so sorry we’ve not posted the recipe for you. You may not have noticed but this is an amateur blog, done for the love of it, when we have the time and money (there’s no ads here, and ingredients don’t pay for themselves), and as a result, we purposefully make no promises to our readership. Yes, we post a lot of actual recipes – whenever we’ve *made* a dish, that post has included the recipe itself, and I’m really flattered that people come here to look for recipes (though given the ‘trial’ nature of the blog content, it’s at your own risk!)

    This is not a recipe we’ve made – it’s simply a scan of the front of a recipe card I found amusing and posted here as part of a series doing similar. There was never any commitment to providing the associated recipes. Whilst I have found time to scan in some of the reverses of the recipe cards when readers have asked, the fact of the matter is I work full-time for a charity and whilst I would like to be able to fulfil all our readers’ requests, more often than not I simply do not have an opportunity in my spare time to do so.

    Frankly, I found your comment rude and inappropriate. I’m sure there are hundreds of variants of this recipe available on the internet, in fact Salada gives an astute guess further up the comments. I certainly won’t be scanning the recipe in now, so perhaps try Google.

  9. May have to retract what I said about there being no ads on here! We have ads?