Photos from The VCBT Kids Party

OK, ok, I’m lame. I should have blogged all this WAY back, but it’s slid under the carpet of time. I kind of don’t think I will ever get round to writing up the kids party we had back in October, so I’m just going to post the photos we took. Of course, if anyone is dying for the recipes for anything, do comment and I’ll see what I can do (quick turnaround on such requests cannot be guaranteed!)

Fish Pools. Who knew Polos would dissolve on lime jelly? Or that it would take so long to craft fish out of apricots and raisons?

Elly’s cheese straw type thing (psst, what was this?) UPDATE: These are the pretzels, already blogged here!

Egg and Cress sandwiches. A classic.

Miss South’s Fifteens. One of the only times I will eat dessicated coconut is in a fifteen. Previously blogged here.

Magic Toadstools. A hardboiled egg with half a tomato on top, with mayo piped on. Was somehow less than the sum of its parts.

Marble Cream. Really really not that nice.

Elly’s meatballs. So delicious.

I’m not sure what this is – possibly ginger ale and lemonade?

Miss South’s Top Hats. Yum.

Thunder and Lightning sandwiches. These are clotted cream and golden syrup. SO WRONG YET SO RIGHT.

That’s all the photos I have. Elly has already blogged the awesome cake


5 responses to “Photos from The VCBT Kids Party

  1. I had forgotten how delicious that party was. I could eat all of those things again happily, even the Marble Cream…

  2. In what is surely a new low of incompetence, I have managed to lose my Marguerite Patten cookbook which included the meatball recipe.

    I sortof remember it however: Beef mince, quite a lot of bread crumbs (I used brown), a little finely chopped caramelised onion, Worcerstershire sauce, salt and pepper.

    I made the meatballs (about 1/2 inch diameter), fried them and chilled them at home and then reheated them in batches in the oven at Alix’s.

  3. Those egg and cress sandwiches look absolutely mouthwatering!

    I’ve never encountered ‘Fish Ponds’ before but they remind me of ‘Bunnies on the Lawn’: tinned pears decorated with almond ears and squirty cream tails on a bed of lime jelly. A sophisticated dinner party staple Chez Jimbaud.

  4. Spentle Athe

    I hope your egg, tomato & mayo” magic mushrooms” do not encourage children to sample the real thing. In the UK most cases of fly agaric poisoning occur in chidren, or older people seeking a psychoactive kick.

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