Pie Crusts Explained

While I get my act together to write up the blueberry pie (my final pie, mini pecan tarts, won’t be posted as I went way off-recipe), why not enjoy the wise, graphic counsel of Barbara Hammond, from Cooking Explained (1963)?

Posted by Elly, with thanks to Salada for sending it to us.


6 responses to “Pie Crusts Explained

  1. Those mini pecan tartlets may have been off recipe, but they were one of the best things I have eaten in a long time. I will happily volunteer to try any other variations of the recipe you feel the need to work with!

  2. I bought a card of “How to Make Pastry Attractive” from the British Library shop, you must get one!


  3. This book was a school text book,i still have mine.

  4. Jax – I know! Do you still use it? Do you have a favourite recipe from it?

  5. “Cooking Explained” – first published 1963; contains much frugal advice and reliable recipes. Possibly due for a revival.

  6. yes…from time to time,its one of many.