More recipe cards!

I’ve got a load (ie a box) more recipe cards! This time they’re Marguerite Patten’s, from the seventies, and I didn’t think this was possible, but they’re kind of worse even than the Alison Burt’s as previous featured here.

You’ll be getting one every Friday until I get bored..let’s start with…PEANUT BUTTER SOUP, aka, WHY GOD WHY?

I have never seen a more attractive soup OH WAIT I HAVE.

6 responses to “More recipe cards!

  1. That looks unpleasant, but I urge you to try Ghanian peanut soup or nkatenkwan because it is delicious in about a million ways…,com_mtree/Itemid,151/link_id,35/task,viewlink/

  2. Pseudomonas

    In other stories from the seventies, I seem to remember being told that the first time my mother went to meet my father’s parents she was served ginger-biscuit soup. I can find no mention of this delicacy with Google. and perhaps this is just as well.

  3. It sounds *very* practical for a picnic!

  4. I wonder why there’s an ‘etc’ after the title.

  5. Are there variants? Other nuts? Peanut-butter in surprising new guises?

  6. im trying to find a recipe card for a chocolate cake with egg white coconut and sugar wisked together and baked on top . it was in the alison burts cookery card box set. i hope you can help.!!!