Brillat-Savarin on…Obesity

There is a type of obesity which is confined to the belly; I have never known an example to occur among women; for they are made of softer stuff than men, and obesity, when it attacks them, spares no part of their person. I call this variety ‘gastrophory’, and those affected by it ‘gastrophors’. I myself am one of them; but although I am the bearer of a fairly prominent paunch, the lower part of my legs is still hard, and the sinews as loosely knit as those of an Arab  horse.

(with a nod to regretsy!)

3 responses to “Brillat-Savarin on…Obesity

  1. Obviously a prototype for Humpty Dumpty.

  2. That just made me bark out loud with laughter…

  3. Glad to be of service 🙂