Creme de Menthe Ring

I’m just going to leave this here…

7 responses to “Creme de Menthe Ring

  1. Wow, that’s terrifying but brilliant. Or possibly brilliant but terrifying.

  2. I have just stepped off of the Auntie Flo train, and I could have eaten that whole damn mess with my hands. Off my lap. While sat on the floor in front of a TV set playing only static.

  3. It’s only the walnut and glace cherries putting me off. I feel slightly dirty now…

  4. Mmmmm cake, but yeah I’m with Miss South on this one. What is with the atrocious attempt at decoration?

  5. Minted is the way I like chocolate best. Is there a flip side to this card with the recipe? I could leave off the walnuts and cherries, like the rest, but I am intrigued by the flavor combinations (it isn’t necessary to add green food dye to the frosting). I’d love to try this one.

  6. Wendy, we’ll see if we can get organised to email it to you!

  7. That would be wonderful!