Coral Island Eggs recipe

As requested by in the comments on this post, here’s the recipe for Coral Island Eggs:

For 4-8 people you need:

8oz peeled shrimps

2oz butter or pork fat

2 egg whites

2 teaspoons Chinese (Shao Shing) wine, or sherry

2 teaspoons ginger juice from preserved ginger seasoning

8 slices thick white bread

4 hardboiled eggs

deep fat for frying

For garnish:


1 Finely chop the shrimps and mix with butter

2 Add 1 egg white and mix in sherry, ginger juice and seasoning

3 Cut bread into diamond shapes, place a small mound of mixture on each piece

4 Halve hard-boiled eggs lengthwise, place 1 half, flat side down, on each mound, pressing mixture firmly round base

5 Brush all over with second egg white

6 Fry in deep fat, egg side downwards, turn over and continue cooking until bread is golden brown

7 Remove from fat, drain on absorbent paper


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