Brillat-Savarin on…coffee

Coffee is a far more powerful liquor than is commonly believed. A man of sound constitution can drink two bottles of wine a day, and live to a great age; the same man could not stand a like quantity of coffee for the same period; he would go out of his mind or die of consumption.

Out of interest, how much weaker was wine in the nineteenth century?


One response to “Brillat-Savarin on…coffee

  1. Alcohol strength of wines: – I’m sure there’s a level at which the alcohol prevents further fermentation, and acts as a preservative to some extent. It is probably only in the past 15 years that many wines have been over 11% alcohol. The scientific approach of the Australian wine producers is often cited as starting the trend of extracting as much alcohol as possible from each batch of grapes. It yields a more consistent product.