Basic Fried Rice

Here’s another dish from Kenneth Lo’s Cheap Chow. I went for the Chinese classic of fried rice, which I’ve attempted before without reference to a recipe, with limited success. I figured starting at the very beginning when it came to fried rice might be a good idea, so Basic Fried Rice it is.


  • I halved the amounts, not being 4-5 people.
  • The bacon I used was some huge lumps of cooking smoked bacon, chopped into beautifully fatty lumps. Arteries be damned. The lumps were possibly larger then Kenneth would have wanted.
  • I think I accidentally put the rice in before putting the egg in. This would account for the lack of actual bits of egg in the finished dish.
  • Everything else went to plan.

This was delicious, though, as with other things I’ve cooked from Cheap Chow, oddly greasy. Well, I say oddly, it does have a fair bit (ie tonnes) of fat in it.

Here is picture:

Basically fried by Alix

2 responses to “Basic Fried Rice

  1. If only fried rice didn’t have garden peas in it…I love rice, I love peas, but put them together and I want to run out the room screaming in disgust.

  2. I was just remembering, misty-eyed, KLo’s ‘Cheap Chow’ – I had a copy in my late teens/early 20’s. Googling it found your blog, thanks, great to see! Reason I’d remembered it was after cooking something with chinese rice wine – I realise now that Kenneth’s use of Sherry in Cheap Chow was a substitute for that, with the same heavy oakiness. There are some oddball recipes in there which are great – his Chinese style ‘Sheperd’s Pie’ was a real winner (but then I’m a Brit ;0)….)