Brillat-Savarin on…liquor

I, among others, have pondered it, and I am tempted to place the craving for fermented liquors , which is unknown to animals, with anxiety regarding the future, which is likewise unknown to animals, and to regard both as distinctive attributes of the masterpiece of the last sublunary revolution.

What? What the what now?

Question for the comments section – has anyone ever tried to get an animal drunk? I once put wine on a cat’s coat in the hope it would lick it off and become intoxicated (this proved to be little more than a waste of wine).


4 responses to “Brillat-Savarin on…liquor

  1. I have ridden a drunk horse, by accident. It ate lots of windfall apples which fermented in its stomach. Seemed a bit off colour to me, and tried to lie down on my parents lawn and sleep. When I got it back to its field it just stood on three legs with its bottom lip hanging.
    Cheered up a couple of days later, and never touched an apple again.

  2. I think you just won the prize for my favourite comment on this blog to date!

  3. Aw! He was always a character, that pony. Known throughout Norfolk!

  4. I accidentally got a small dog drunk. We were at my parent’s friends’ house and they served champagne in shallow wide glasses. I kept spilling mine on the carpet, not being the most coordinated person at the best of times, and their diddy, fluffy, silly white pooch lapped it all up and lost control of its front legs. It spent the rest of the afternoon scooting around on it’s nose and back legs with its bum in the air.

    Of course I had to pretend not to find it funny in front of my parents and their mates or they’d think I’d done it on purpose…