Aubergine and Onion Gratinee

This  comes from my Marguerite Patten recipe cards. I don’t remember whether I’ve actually cooked any of these before, or whether I’ve merely mocked the weird dolls on them.


  • How thin is thin for an aubergine slice? Mine ranged from ‘pound coin’ thick and, er, thinner.
  • It’s tricky to coat slices in flour without making a mess of the kitchen.
  • It’s even trickier to not eat the fried aubergine.
  • 4 onions is too much for me to slice. I was in floods of tears by the end.
  • I used Pilgrim’s Choice cheddar.
  • I forgot to put a lid on the casserole. This seemed to make no difference.
  • I omitted the parsley, ie I couldn’t be fagged to buy any.

This was really blooming tasty and I ate it as a main dish with some bread, and will definitely cook it again. My only complaint would be the tomato skins – blanching and peeling these would be a nice touch, though by no means necessary.

Here it is just out of the oven:

And here it is on a novelty tea towel:

Gratineed by Alix


2 responses to “Aubergine and Onion Gratinee

  1. Yours looks much better than the yellow-filter card photo. I expect we’d use olive/sunflower oil rather than margarine now.

  2. I cooked this last night – it was delicious! I used the garlic option and also added a few green chillies. The seasoning in the flour was black pepper, onion salt and paprika. I also forgot to add a lid but it turned out just great. Tick vg would noom again.