Recipe Card Special – Attack of the Prawns

Prawns are delicious. For instance I had some amazing shrimp buzara (nb, not my photo)  in Croatia, massive prawns in a messy messy tomato sauce. I could eat many many many prawns and not get tired HOWEVER they are not attractive to look upon, looking as they do like an alien race plucked from the depths of both the sea and time itself. So it baffles me that so many of the recipe cards I have feature the prawn as garnish. I present here a selection for your consideration:

Prawns ruining an otherwise ok-looking quiche, sorry, Fiesta Pie.

Nothing about this recipe is good.


I don’t know what any of these foods are and I’m scared.

And finally, this. Just this:


4 responses to “Recipe Card Special – Attack of the Prawns

  1. Yow. Between putting prawns in apples (why?) and that last photo, I’m deeply disturbed and frightened. “Savoury Boxes” appears to be containers of primordial ooze from which prawns are escaping to destroy us all!

  2. Crustacea are sometimes referred to as marine insects. I rest my case.

  3. I am borderline obsessed with stuffing fruit and vegetables and those stuffed apples give me the absolute heebie jeebies. I think I need to lie down now…