Danish Savoury Pie

A lot of my favourite resources are actually the cuttings I find inserted between the pages of recipes books I buy – I have a box of random snippings from newspapers and magazines. I don’t remember where this one came from, and it’s unclear when it’s from, so I am going to attempt some amateur detective work here; there are some clues – the reverse of the page has ‘Starscopes by Leon Petulengro’ and the bottom of the page, under Leon’s astrological predictions says:

We regret that Leon Petulengro cannot enter into any correspondence, but if you’d like a full astrological reading, send for his detailed computer character analysis and 12-month forecast. Write to Woman’s Own Astrology Service, PO Box 20, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, stating your birthday, year, time (if unknown we will use noon) and a place of birth. Enclose a cheque/ postal order for £3…

So, what can we deduce from this?

1. It’s from Woman’s Own.

2. It’s post decimalisation (1971)

3. There is no postcode given, but I don’t think this really helps, as the page is clearly from after 1959, but I seem to remember there was a drive to encourage people to use the postcode in the mid-eighties?

4. The design of Leon’s Starscopes seems quite seventies, but the design of the recipe side, looks more recent.

5. The dates given for Taurus are April 21-May 22. I was born May 21 in 1980, and that year May 21 was the last day to be Taurus, and I have just googled this to work things out and the internet is telling me I am actually Gemini, so I am now massively confused, but I think I will stick by thinking I am Taurus, which, if I am correct (given my total lack of knowledge of astrology, I am probably not correct), I put this recipe as being after 1980.

6. Assuming Woman’s Own published on a Tuesday, as it does currently (according to internet) and the starscopes given are for the week Nov 28-Dec 4, Nov 28th fell on a Tuesday only once in the eighties, in 1989. It did however fall on a Tuesday in 1978. So probably 1989 then. Who knows? Who cares? Perhaps I should just write up the damn recipe already.

The recipe I made was the ‘Danish Pie Today’, instructions being as follows:

Pack a shallow dish with back or streaky Danish rashers and onions cut into small pieces (about a 1/4lb of rashers should be enough for 4). Sprinkle with mixed herbs and finish off with a layer of thinly sliced potatoes. Pour on a little stock or water, dot with butter or dripping and cook in a medium oven for about an hour, turning to high for the last 15 minutes to brown and crisp the top.

The toughest thing about this dangerously simple recipe was slicing the potatoes. It says it serves 4, but it really really didn’t. I made it the next evening too, and fell into a bacon and potato coma for 3 days. It was delicious. Definitely use smoked bacon though.

Here are some terrible pictures:


5 responses to “Danish Savoury Pie

  1. It’s a very vague recipe – dish size not given, no quantity/weight of potatoes suggested, and 4oz bacon for 4 people sounds a bit like war-time rations.

  2. When did Danish bacon start using that logo? (Thinks she, geeking out on the idea of finding when this recipe was published.) I reckon it looks more seventies but I could be wrong. Our memories of styles and when they really happened, do not tally well.

    Also when did dripping stop being a common ingredient in recipes?

    According to my small knowledge of star signs, since the original charts were drawn up the Earth has shifted in its orbit such that we’re all one complete sign off what we’re told we are anyway.

    This does look tasty. Mmmm bacon…

  3. I love any pie that involves thinly sliced potatoes as the topping. Yum yum!

    Martha, I’m not sure when dripping fell out of favour, but I was intrigued to see that my local branch of Morrisons sells both pork and beef dripping. I was going to buy some, but my fridge is a shrine to solid animal fat already and just opening the door might give me a coronary…

  4. There’s a challenge for Google’s history facility, Danish Bacon logos.

  5. I remember that Danish logo very well. I dunno when it originated but it was certainly around in the 1970s. Back then, Danish advertised a lot: billboards and TV adverts (often as “Danishshshsh” – to imitate the sizzle, geddit?). And lots of these recipe pages in the weekly housewifey mags. It is possible the campaign ran to the end 1980s but 1978 is far more likely for this one, which was probably part of a big ad blitz over that winter.
    And off the top of my head, I reckon 1978 is more apt for old Leon – at the tail end of his career by then and anyway1980s horoscopes, due to the huge success of Linda Goodman “Love Signs”, had changed their er scope quite considerably . I know the Petulengros were local to the Kent/E Sussex area and there was a “Gypsy Petulengo” (Leon’s daughter, I think) who told fortunes from a booth on the Littlehampton seafront (and was still around in the 70s there). The Kent address given is Leon’s (the mag’s was in London SE1) and by 1989 – as you said – a postcode would really have to have been given.

    As for the grub, I’ve been making bacononionandspuds like this for about forever – an inherited family dish, it was the sort of thing we’d have for our tea on a winter Saturday when we got in from watching the football. With some tomatoes baked alongside and a mug of strong tea (1 sugar), I can’t right now think of a better one.