Spanish Salad

This is from Ursel and Derek Norman’s Salad Days (1975), as featured on this blog in the summer. I decided tonight that I needed a salad, having spent the weekend eating nothing but crumpets, toast and pizza. It’s not an ideal diet, I fully concede, but dear lord, the closest I can get to fruit and veg when I’m that hungover is Lucozade Orange. So salad tonight. I wanted cheap and easy, and this with its limited ingredients fitted the bill nicely. Here’s the lovely seventies illustration and instructions:

As you can read it’s very easy to prepare, and the salad itself was pretty nice – crunchy, and with a bit of zing, although I wasn’t entirely convinced by the orange, and the raw onion would perhaps have been a little less, well, oniony, had it been combined with a few herbs (don’t ask me which herbs, I’m hopeless with that sort of thing). I mixed in some grilled chicken breast and grated cheddar into it as well, because PROTEIN!
Unseasonally chopped by Alix

2 responses to “Spanish Salad

  1. This sounds yummy to me. If the raw onion is a bit overpowering you can stick the slices in a bowl of cold salt water for a few minutes then drain well before mixing them into the salad.

  2. Red onion a)would be sweeter and b) add a touch ofvintage psychedelia to the appearance; or just use a small onion or shallot. Black olives also add a certain something to this salad.