Collier’s Pie

It’s a bit late for Pie Month, but I did make this during February, but it’s taken me this long to write it up because [insert flimsy excuse here]. It’s from Good Things in England and has no definite date, though, given when GTIE was published, it was before 1931.

As with many of the recipes in GTIE it is fairly vague.  It’s certainly a resource that with repeated use hones your skills in the kitchen. Or at least that’s what I tell myself when things come out edible.

Cooking notes:

  • The plate I greased was a large, shallow-sided dish.
  • Cheddar was used
  • The onion made me cry
  • The dice of bacon were actually chopped rashers.
  • It cooked for about 40 minutes, at around GM6

The resulting pie was like a huge, uncomplex pasty. It felt a bit dirty eating it, the sort of thing you might enjoy if you also enjoy getting drunk and shambling into fast food joints at 1am. Ahem.

It was also way too salty. The extra seasoning step was unnecessary.

Colliered by Alix

6 responses to “Collier’s Pie

  1. Oh how I giggled at the image of you eating these, feeling slightly dirty. Giggle, giggle

  2. It sounds just right for a collier, sweatily labouring underground. He’d have needed the calories and salt, and plenty of water to drink.

  3. Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Good old Stoke. I bet my family ate quite a bit of this down pit.

  5. Although it’s a mystery why he wouldn’t just have a few filled oatcakes with him. Actually when I think about it, this pie is basically an oatcake with pastry instead of… oatcake. Your best oatcake recipe now please!

  6. Rebecca, I have an oatcake-type recipe on my to-do list – I promise!