Russian Fish Pie

Last October I made a fish pie, and then lost the recipe card so never blogged it. Yesterday I found the recipe card, handily tucked between the pages of The Pauper’s Cookbook. I can’t remember much about the preparation of this pie, but it was jolly good – here’s the recipe, finally:


Lovely inclusion of a dead, raw fish next to the finished pie. I did not try to recreate this.


6 responses to “Russian Fish Pie

  1. if you read the recipe carefully, that is not a dead raw fish but a dead smoked fish;)

  2. Love it – I have the same recipe card and have been making this on Good Friday for years!

  3. Thank you I have been searching for this recipe for ages.

  4. Good to hear! Enjoy!

  5. I made this at school in 1969!

  6. Oh you little beauty! Have come over all nostalgic for things I cooked at school in the late 70s. This is almost certainly the very same recipe (based on the look of it) and the only one I’ve found. Fantastic, thank you. Now just need to find an *old school* puff pastry recipe and one for the Mincemeat Snowman! Don’t suppose that’s amongst your cards, is it? 🙂