Pork and Beans

This is from the previously featured Penguin Pauper’s Cookbook. I’m fairly sure it’s the dish on the front cover of said book, which looks kind of appealing. I was mostly thinking of Bodean’s beans when I opted to cook this and it’s safe to say that they do not use this recipe for their delicious beans.

Things that were wrong with this dish:

  • It tastes too much of treacle
  • The pork toughens up even at GM4 for an hour plus
  • The ‘sauce’ is very runny
  • It is neither sweet nor salt
  • The onions should have cooked down into the sauce more
  • The flavours generally do not come through at all

In summary this dish is a let down on all fronts – taste, texture and even paupery* as the pork wasn’t particularly cheap. Looks like this, don’t bother making it, go get a proper recipe.

Beaned by Alix

*Not a word.


3 responses to “Pork and Beans

  1. How disappointing. I’d have used pork belly (my closest estimation of streaky pork since that’s where streaky bacon comes from) and would have hoped for soft beans and tender pork.

    But since I don’t like baked beans, I won’t bother…

  2. I used belly strips, and really did expect it to come out a damn sight softer and tastier than this did. Reckon that less treacle, and cooked very very slowly/ low heat it might stand a chance, but I’d rather just find a decent recipe!

  3. I agree – ultra-slow, low-oven cooking would be the solution (like French cassoulet). Also, I’d never cook a stew/casserole with salt, but add it at the ‘season to taste’ stage (not mentioned in this over-confident recipe!) just before serving, when I knew the meat was tender.