Cheese and walnut squares

In my neverending quest to find new ways to eat potatoes, I decided to try these potato scone-pancake hybrid from Florence Greenberg’s Jewish Cookery Book (6th Edition, 1958)

Cooked potato 1lb
Grated cheese 3 oz
Salt and cayenne
Walnuts 2 oz
Milk ½ teacup
One egg

Mash potato very thoroughly, add the chopped nuts and cheese, the the beaten egg mixed with milk. Add salt, if necessary, and a pinch of cayenne or curry powder. Press firmly into a greased, shallow tin and bake in a moderate oven till [sic] golden brown – about 20 – 30minutes. With a sharp knife, cut into squares and serve plain or with a neatly poached egg on top.

I was not convinced by the instruction to grease but not flour the baking tray, and lo, when I tried to extract them, they stuck.


On first eating, I was deeply unimpressed and if I had tasted them ‘blind’ would have said they were some sort of 1970s punishment for children. The kind of thing which makes people grow up to be white bread eaters for life.  Strangely, I left 2 in the fridge overnight and the following day reheated them in a dry frying pan and ate them stuffed in a pitta with some salad and chilli sauce, and like a stew left to mulch, they had magically become delicious, a sort of light, soft vegetarian patty. I don’t think I will make them regularly, as they don’t really have a place in my life – less protein than a something lentil-y and too much effort for the days when I want eggs-and-carbs for dinner. An interesting experiment, but nothing more.

One response to “Cheese and walnut squares

  1. miss south

    I think you’ve finally found a way to put me off potatoes. They sound heinous. But then again I do loathe walnuts…