Arroz Blanco

Following on from the Camarones al Mojo de Ajo from Cooking the Mexican Way from a couple of weeks back, here’s the rice dish that the book suggests serving with the prawns. I did just this, for dinner the other night, once more the prawns were delicious, and a lovely dinner was had (that’s a bit of a spoiler as to how this recipe turned out). Here’s the recipe:

I’m very lazy and tend to not be at all bothered at making rice exciting – just boiling it with a little salt is usually all I manage. I was a little annoyed that this called for finely chopped anything, let alone onion, which, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, make me weep more thoroughly than anything else in this world, but by the time I noticed the onion it was too late and I had to continue. There’s nothing quite so disturbing for one’s guests as the sight of the hostess weeping copiously over a chopping board. Anyway, tears aside, this recipe turned out well – more water was added as the rice was burning somewhat, but that’s the only deviation I made. What resulted was quite sticky rice that was reasonably spicy. I would make this again. As an aside I’m beginning to recognise that these Sainsbury’s cookbooks are really decent resources – very solid, easy family recipes. Well done Sainsbury’s.

Here’s the picture in the book:

And here’s my hasty cameraphone picture:

(Photos of rice, unsurprisingly not that exciting).

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  1. I wonder whether Sainsburys does any own-brand cookbooks these days, considering how much profit there is for them in ready meals.