Cinnamon Balls

Inspired by Foodista’s recent newsletter about Passover cookery, I decided that, as promised, now was a suitable time to try Florence Greenberg’s cinnamon balls. I’ve never had cinnamon balls before, but love all the ingredients and was optimistic about the outcome.

Ground almonds 6oz
Castor sugar ½lb
Cinnamon 1 tablespoon
Whites of 3 eggs

Beat egg whites to a stiff froth, add sugar, cinnamon, and ground almonds, and mix thoroughly. Roll into balls and bake on a greased tin in a slow oven (350 degrees, Regulo No [gas mark] 3) til set 25 – 30 minutes. Remove from the tin and roll in icing sugar.

I decided to make just 1/3 of the recipe. I used a large egg however, so ended up adding more (may ½oz of each)  ground almonds and sugar in an attempt to turn the mixture into something which could be rolled into balls. The mixture was still really too wet for this and I ended up just plonking teaspoons of it on to a baking tray. I suspected they’d spread a lot during baking and put them about 4cm apart. The quantity made 12.

As you can see, I ended up with chewy macaroon-like biscuits with a lot of cinnamon in them. Interestingly, not only are they the colour of brown bread, they also taste a bit like brown bread. They’re not particularly sweet either.

Anyway, they’re quite nice, but not quite right. If any reader has any advice about what proportions of almonds/egg white/sugar to use to make actual ball-shaped cinnamon balls, please do let me know in the comments! As I mentioned in the butter cakes post, we’ve had a fair few people find the blog by searching for this recipe by this author, so I assume someone has some good memories of it! Maybe someone in your family started with  this recipe but then changed it a bit? Come on, spill!

Balls’d up by Elly

6 responses to “Cinnamon Balls

  1. My momma’s recipe going through cyberspace for onward transmission.

  2. My old family recipe says only two egg whites and that you should only wisk them lightly – not beat until stiff!

  3. Anne Sloman a.k.a Dodi Miller

    I have used the Jewish Chronicle recipe for more than 70 years and have no problem since a first trial and error.
    Mix dry ingredients together.
    Add just enough lighlty beaten egg whites to hold together.
    With moist/wet hands form to about half size of a golf ball.Bake until just set in medium oven, when cool roll in icing sugar and enjoy.

  4. Thank you for commenting – I have so many versions to try now!

  5. I have used and still use Florence Greenberg cookery book since early ’60s including all her Passover recipes of that time which includes cinnamon balls and butter cakes. Both yummy. Email me for recipe – glad to share with anyone interested.

  6. Denise joseph

    My miother always made these and Never beat the egg whites. I am now 62 been basking these for over 40 years and also Never beat the whites if you do the balls will spread