Mexican Gazpacho Salad

To go with the Camarones y Arroz Blanco as recently blogged I served this salad from Ursel and Derek Norman’s Salad Days (1975). I really like this book, and am looking forward to summer when I shall live entirely from its recipes. Here’s the recipe and picture:

I cheated a little on this one – I didn’t salt the cucumber (what’s with that anyway?), I didn’t chill it at all, and I added some sugar to the dressing as it was too sharp. The salad turned out great nonetheless – like with other recipes in Salad Days it was substantial and would do as (light) main. Here it is:

Gazpached by Alix


One response to “Mexican Gazpacho Salad

  1. Salting cucumber – I think there was an idea that cucumber juice gave some people indigestion. Salting draws out liquid. Aubergines get the same treatment, theoretically to remove bitterness, but many cooks now question that rationale.