This Scottish dish is from Potato-wise Cookery, from 1965. It’s very simple and completely inappropriate for this warm weather. Wikipedia says it is Gordon Brown’s favourite food. That’s a factoid to remember for pub quizzes, eh?





All went to plan, and I’ve just eaten about two portions. I may pass out at any moment. I may have accidentally used too much cheese, but this in no way spoiled things! I added some diced Lincolnshire sausage (4 to be precise).

This is it just from the oven, and here, served up inelegantly

Rumbledethumped by Alix


5 responses to “Rumbledethumps

  1. That looks tasty!

  2. Upmarket Scottish bubble-and-squeak, with a great name.

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  4. Sooooo cheesyyyyy. Love it.

  5. I put leeks in mine instead of onions, sometimes. Add a bit of nutmeg as well.