Recipe requests

I’m aware that there’s been a couple of comments in the past few months asking if I could find particular recipe cards, usually the Alison Burt ones, and I’m certain I’ve missed a few of these requests, so if you’ve commented asking me to see whether I have a recipe card you’ve been searching for since 1983 could you comment again here and I’ll have a dig in the box and scan it if I have it…

(This offer does not extend to the commenter on this post!).


8 responses to “Recipe requests

  1. Leslie-Anne Young

    Im trying to find the Alsion Burt Tollhouse Square recipe, my mum used to have the cards but no longer has them and I would love to make these after I can find the recipe.
    Thanks for any help.
    Leslie-Anne xxx

  2. Hey guys, I’m chasing an Alison Burt’s recipe for Choc Chip & Cherry cookies (they had walnuts in them too). I loved them when I was a kid. I just tracked down one for ‘Hash Pie’ (corned beef pie), a bit old school, but once again, we actually liked it as kids.

  3. Hi, i’m looking for a Katie Stewart chicken recipe that my husband remembers his grandma cooking for him as a child. He said it had chunks of chicken, with mushrooms and shallots in a runny, rich, tomatoey sauce. Sorry if that’s not enough information! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Zoe, we’ll have a look, but I don’t think either of us owns a Katie Stewart book – the RD Cookery Year has one chapter by her and I’ll check it. Good luck with your search!

  5. My Katie Stewart book has two posible candidates – Italian-style chicken and Chicken chasseur. I’ll try scanning and sending then through.

  6. Thanks Salada! Zoe, I’ll email you now.

  7. Thanks to you both – I got your email and although neither of them are the dish my husband remembers, we’re going to give them a try anyway as they sound nice! Thanks again.

  8. Looking for Katie Stewarts recipe for chicken chausseur. It us amazkng!!!