Liptauer Cheese

This was the first thing I started making for our recent Eurovision party, being skilled at planning ahead I bothered to read the recipe card sometime before the party started so this got the chance to rest for the couple of hours it specifies. Lots of things seemed to go wrong with this, the quantities seemed off, I seem to remember reducing the amount of capers and thanks to a shopping omission didn’t add the chives until a lot later. When I first tasted the dip it struck me as one of the least appealing things ever – the potential of the separate parts had combined to form a disgusting looking and tasting goo. It was horribly sharp and I considered going off-recipe simply so as not to horrify my guests, but was utterly lost as to what would sort it out, so shoved it in the fridge as if the fridge was magic and would somehow transform this mess into something edible.

Rather to my surprise it kind of did. Yes, at first I did think the guests/ guinea pigs were being polite, but I tried the stuff and it wasn’t so awful. I’m not saying I’d make it again, but the bowl was polished off by the end of the evening, so make of that what you will.

Curded by Alix

One response to “Liptauer Cheese

  1. Well…..Liptauer actually a sheep cheese originated from the town of Lipto in Hungary (now Slovakia). This sharp tasting cheese is the base ingredient what you made.
    By the look of the picture you made what hungarian call “Liptai Korozott” a kind of spiced cheese spread.
    Hungarian never use curd cheese but the original Liptai cheese not using capers, and anchovy essence or anchovy, but use the local “olajos hal” tinned fish. This fish much milder than anchovy. Also stick to butter instead of margarin, add 1/2 tsp milled caraway seeds and double you red paprika quantity. Inyou picture the spread not appetising at all, need more color therefore you can add 1/2 finely chopped red californian bell pepper. Use a little Californian red peppercorns.It is not strong and add you more aroma.
    Keep practice and you be able to make a better spread with my suggestions