Spinach Pancakes

This was from the Time Life Scandinavian cookbook, and made for the Eurovision party. Being somewhat flustered (NOT drunk) by the time it came to making these, Elly kindly made up the batter for me. I then joined in the process and started to cook these without adding the spinach. Yes, that’s right. I made spinach pancakes without spinach. Happily, it quickly (about 5 minutes) dawned on me that the clue was in the name, and I whacked in a load of defrosted frozen spinach. This made quite a thick batter, but it fried off nicely, into substantial pancakes. I thought they were really nice and would certainly make them again.

And here’s a bad photo!


2 responses to “Spinach Pancakes

  1. I thought these turned out really well – I liked the crepe-esque texture and thickness.

  2. Yes – I remember saying at the time that these were as satisfying as most fried food but also really nicely light. And very moreish.