Melon Copenhagen

This is a Marguerite Patten recipe card. I chose it for the Danish aspect of the Eurovision party and was attracted to how entirely disgusting it looked. It turned out to be the most labour intensive of all the dishes made that night, and early arrivals to the party were treated to the sight of me swearing at an assortment of fruit, muttering ‘I hate it already, this is the worse thing ever’.

It involves a LOT of ingredients, most of which need chopping up. This took forever. It went as well as could be expected, but when it came to stuffing the melon with the rice it became obvious that there was way more filling than there was room in the melon. So loads went round the outside. By the time it came to decorating it with the cherries and pouring cream and brandy on top everyone present was hysterical.

The weird thing was it wasn’t actually horrendous. There was something almost comforting about the rice pudding and the fresh fruit, although to be honest I’d had rather a lot of gin by this point.

Meloned by Alix.


2 responses to “Melon Copenhagen

  1. That thing must provide your entire five a day for the whole year. That’s a lot of fruit…

  2. I love how you’ve said ‘it wasn’t horrendous’, That comment still warrants it only a C minus